AWS lambda python scheduler

Install pyCharm

Install SAM CLI on macOS

Create Credentials

Add Credentials

Install AWS Toolkit Plugin

which sam
which aws

#Install Serverless CLI

#on mac
npm install -g serverless 

#on windows
choco install serverless

Serverless Getting Started Guide

Create example project

# type 

Make use of python dependencies

npm install serverless-python-requirements –save-dev

serverless plugin install -n serverless-python-requirements

Create a SAM template from serverless framework

npm install serverless-sam –save-dev

serverless plugin install -n serverless-sam


Debug Offline

npm install serverless-offlinesave-dev

serverless plugin install -n serverless-offline

Debug Lambda function

Aws lambda

Using api keys

Serverless Framework - AWS Lambda Events - API Gateway here

To call a key secured based lambda function

add an x-api-key header with the key as its value

Using a custom domain

yarn add serverless-domain-manager

serverless create_domain --stage prod && serverless create_domain --stage staging