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GPT-3 API alternative

Copywriting based on keywords

I would like to create sentences out of a few keywords, like "Intel, apple pie, spirit".

Something like textgenrnn does, or at least should do.

I am trying to create a proof of concept API. Let's see how far i get. ...


As GPT-3, which seems to be the no plus ultra at this time, is not publicly available. A good read about the official API is from Twilio here. You may also try to apply for an API key here.

All those new shiny GPT-3 based copywriting tools do not provide an API as well. I tried as a benchmark, which has no such feature. Next I tried, which cannot do this either.


And what I found so far is GPT-J. It looks at least promising, so let's try this out, and see how far we may get. I found as very frequently in an article on Although what does not sound very promising is.

Because GPT-J was trained on a dataset that contains GitHub (7%) and StackExchange (5%) data, it’s better than GPT-3-175B at writing code, whereas in other tasks it’s significantly worse.

You can play around with it, in this notebook.

There is also a self-hosted API available here.

A python package is also available here

I tried to test the model at, which is incredibly slow and producers long text, which looks from my first impression more or less random.


Found this article

Best text generation API so far

So seems to have what I was looking for.

Pay as you go, starting at $1 a month.

Supports many models (GPT-Neo, GPT-J, etc. ...)